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Jackson Farms Tex-Cess Lowline Angus Beef

Jackson Farms is located in the bountiful Blackland Prairie of Central Texas, approximately 10 miles east of Austin, near Manor, Texas. Originally established in 1996, we are stocking our farm with Australian Lowline Angus cattle.

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About The Lowline Breed

Lowline cattle were developed at the Trangie Research Centre in New South Wales, Australia. Animal Scientists began with a herd of registered Champion Angus cattle, purchased in 1929, that were carefully selected for high quality and small size. The end result was a breed of small, black, polled cattle with pure Angus genetics. Lowlines are not dwarfs. They are smaller registered "black Angus beef" cattle with a HUGE taste!

Lowlines are also a perfect choice for small acreage farmers. Their small size make them easy to handle and minimizes equipment requirements. Their feed efficiency improves the carrying capacity of a farm. They produce exceptional quality beef, and they are ideal show animals for 4-H and other youth projects bringing in the next generation of cattle people. They may also offer the tax advantages of an agriculturally based property and business.

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Jackson Farms and Tex-Cess Lowline Angus Beef sales its "Natural, Hand-raised Pasture Beef" as it is seasonally available at the Saturday Manor Farmers' Market. Please call and check for availability of beef, as the demand for our fresh cuts of Lowline Angus Natural beef is high, and only available while supplies last.

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