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Advantages of Australian Lowline Angus Beef Cattle

  • Due to a high stocking rate and higher cutability, Lowlines have proven to produce 95% more retail yield per acre than some popular breeds in American and Australian tests.
  • Lowlines are truly miniature cattle that thrive on limited feed intake; thus, lowering production cost.
  • Lowlines are ideal ranchette and acreage cattle – no big investment in livestock handling equipment is necessary.
  • Lowlines have been selected for small size as well as structural correctness, fertility, early maturity, excellent muscling and strong maternal traits.
  • Lowlines are classified as farm animals and your investment in Lowlines could qualify you for a significant tax credit or Agriculture tax exemption.
  • Hearty Lowlines develop excellent winter haircoats during colder winter months and can withstand cold weather with minimum shelter, even newborn calves.
  • Lowlines slick off to a sleek, shiny, black summer haircoat and adapt well to hot summer weather.
  • Lowlines have a gentle disposition, easy for even youngsters to handle. Lowlines have excellent conformation, would make a great show animal for younger 4Hers or junior projects.
  • Homozygous black and polled.
  • Lowline cattle have 30% larger ribeye area per hundred weight which has shown an increase in boneless retail yield of 25 – 30%. The cuts are smaller but flavor is excellent. They marble higher than other breeds tested in American and Australia.
  • Ideal carcass size of Lowline crossbreds would contribute to the marketability of a locker beef business due to the smaller, more convenient carcass size to accommodate economical use of home freezer space.
  • 65 years of genetic selection for high quality and small size make them breed true – no genetic defects! Lowlines are not dwarfs. They are in perfect proportion, just smaller, eye appealing, attractive cattle.
  • Halfblood and ¾ blood cattle are eligible for registry in the American Lowline Registry (ALR), the third cross (7/8) are eligible for registry as purebred Lowlines, not fullbloods.
  • Fullblood Lowline cattle are all DNA parentage verified to the original Australian Lowline Society herdbook.


True Miniature Cattle

Birthweight: 40# ave
Weaning Wt: 300# avg.
Mature Cow: 500 – 700#, 35 – 41” at shoulder
Mature Bull: 800 – 1100#, 38 – 48” at shoulder
Market Wt. Steer: 650 – 750#, at 15 months


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